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Offer your clients more

For pool professionals and pool management companies, PoolCopilot is the essential tool which offers the possibility to manage one or many pools in real time and in total serenity:

  • Alerts and messages
  • Daily reports
  • Graphs of measures
  • Complete history of commands and data





Optimize your work

PoolCopilot improves your efficiency and reduces your costs:

  • Wake up everyday to a full report in your inbox of all pools under your management
  • Diagnose pool issues from your dekstop, and ensure you have the right parts and consumables before setting off to intervene
  • Receive real time notification of issues, and intervene before the problem escalates 
  • Save time in travel, and have fewer visits to the client pools
  • Know about problems before the client does, allowing timely intervention

Get new tools

New tools for the professional are in constant development and testing:

  • Prepare your team's work day using online tools
  • Advanced diagnostics allow better identification of manpower, equipment and materials needed for repairs
  • Intelligent notification of potential problems allows you to anticipate needs

All this results in saved time and less cost, all the while ensuring happy and satisfied clients.


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