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PoolCop is a fully autonomous pool automation, and has many powerful features and functions.

PoolCopilot, the server based application adds additional "PoolCopilot Only" features, enhancing and extending control and monitoring of your pool.








Additional features

  • Graphic, user-friendly interface
  • History of all data and commands
  • Graphs and real time trends
  • Email alerts and messages
  • Weather for your pool's location
  • Backup and restore all settings and configurations
  • Automatic time synchronisation, adjusted for daylight saving time
  • Manage a portfolio of pools from one interface
  • Geolocalisation of pools





PoolCopilot allows the addition of features and functions adapted to your needs as a pool owner, or pool professional. The benefits of this ongoing development is at no extra cost to you.

Features in development and coming soon:

  • Delayed pool refill linked to forecast weather, thereby decreasing water consumption
  • Seasonal configurations, to automatically reconfigure your PoolCop to seasonal conditions
  • "Daily job lists" with optimised routing for your maintenance team, saving time and reducing costs


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