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Late 2009

PCFR founded by Lane HOY after 5 years of personal experience of the original PoolCop "APMS" product. HQ is set up in Vaugines in the Vaucluse.


Jan 2010

Encouraging signs ‚Äď first sale takes place in the "dead" season and the installation is in the snow.


Apr 2010

Bruno MOUYSSET joins the PCFR team, carrying out QC and support roles.


May 2010

René BRUNIER joins the PCFR team, working part time as technical and commercial representative. Work starts on new PoolCop firmware and getting the foundations for future product development.


June 2010

PoolCopilot concept created, initial development starts. First full time employee, Kate FAURE, working on admin, finance, communication and operations.


Nov 2010

Salon Piscine at Lyon, PoolCop makes its first impressions.


Sept 2011

Emeric SURIAN starts work as Web Developer, building on the existing PoolCopilot project.


Nov 2011

PoolCop on show at the FPP Convention, at Disneyland Paris.


Feb 2012

First export client with GEMA? in Turkey.


Feb 2012

PoolCopilot launched into trial; all PoolCop functions and features now available via the internet at www.poolcopilot.com.


Nov 2012

International Pool Show at Lyon: PoolCop + PoolCopilot wins the trophy for "Eco Attitude: Innovation in Swimming pool Equipment".


Feb 2013

First French catalogue entry, with FMP near Toulouse.



The year ahead has challenges and projects to make PoolCop ready for the sales projections in 2014 and beyond:

  • Ren√© BRUNIER starts fulltime

  • New website www.poolcop.com

  • PoolCopilot Agile Development Phase

  • Rewrites of user manuals and new product packaging

  • Premises in Cucuron with 750m2 of office and storage space

  • Work with manufacturing partners and distributors



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