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PCFR PoolCop France: "the reasoned pool"

PCFR SAS is a French company, based in the Vaucluse.

PCFR develops, manufactures and commercialises intelligent swimming pool equipment and automations which are centred on simplicity of use, at the same time providing a healthier swimming pool experience which is in harmony with the environment. We supply and distribute our products to the swimming pool market and provide assistance and support from a commercial and technical point of view.

The concept of "the reasoned pool" is to provide the pool owner with a simple, efficient and eco-friendly way to manage swimming pool maintenance – an operation which seems to have become overly complicated, expensive and not at all in accordance with of sustainable development principles.

We improve the lives of those we touch with our products and service.

Key Words: honesty, respect, eco-friendly, user friendly, sustainable development, affordable, service, reliability, fun, pragmatic

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