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Team PoolCop France

We are a small dynamic team, dedicated to the cause of intelligent and eco-friendly swimming pool equipment.

Everyone on our team has started as a PoolCop client, and become involved and employed by PCFR due to personal experience with PoolCop. This is a great testament to the impact PoolCop has in the lives of pool owners.

Lane HOY Managing President
lane.hoy@poolcop.fr Lane HOY
René BRUNIER Manufacture, R&D rene.brunier@poolcop.fr Rene BRUNIER
Kate FAURE Operations, Finance
kate.faure@poolcop.fr Kate HOY

Production, Quality

bruno.mouysset@poolcop.fr Bruno MOUYSSET

Roxane DENIS

Technical Sales Representative roxane.denis@poolcop.fr Roxane
Emeric SURIAN Web Developer, IT emeric.surian@poolcop.fr Emeric SURIAN
David HOY Application Developer david.hoy@poolcopilot.com David HOY


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