Happy Couple

Happy clients, happy team ...

The more our valued customers (our PoolCopines and PoolCopains) are satisfied, the happier we are at PCFR.

Fortunately we are usually very happy as PoolCop unburdens our clients, changing their relationship with their pool to one of 100% pure pleasure! 

Also, the pool professionals (and the press) find our philosophy refreshing and our approach truly innovative and backed up with reliable products and services.

PoolCopines and PoolCopains


"With PoolCop, the water in my pool is always crystal clear, and managed without tiring me out."

Patricia M.
Doctor of Chemistry and Toxicology
PoolCopine since 2010

"With PoolCop, my pool becomes intelligent."

Michael B.
Commercial Director
PoolCopain since 2010

"My investment in PoolCop is really worth it. My pool is clean and it is easier to maintain."

Ulrich S.
Owner of Secondary Residence
PoolCopain since 2009

"PoolCop offers very healthy water, thanks to a continuous regulation and use of the minimum needed chemicals."

Pacôme B.
Seasonal Home Rental
PoolCopain since2010 

"I appreciated the reliability, automation and efficiency."

Mireille P.
PoolCopine since 2010

Pool Professionals


"Better than any other equipment, with almost nothing for me to do! Nothing but happiness! Thank you PoolCop."

Andre D.
PoolCopiste since 2009

"... once the installation is complete, I only need to contact the clients once at the beginning of the season, to ensure consumables and condition, and then they are left in peace for the season to enjoy their pool"

Emmanuel S.
Pool Installer & Maintainer
PoolCopiste since 2009

"I waited for something like PoolCop for years. My pool is finally clear, without effort, without problems."

Bruno M.
Electrical Engineer, Installer
PoolCopiste since2010

"Clean water without any problems."

René B.
Engineer, Installer
PoolCopiste depuis 2010



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