PoolCops Installed

Simple and rapid installation...

The installation of PoolCop on your multi-media filter can be carried out:

  • During the construction of your new pool.
  • As an upgrade retaining your existing pump and multi-media filter (if condition is acceptable).

PoolCop is simple and compact and therefore quickly installed. The benefits are felt immediately.

  • Step 1 - Remove existing manual multiport valve.
  • Step 2 - Fit PoolCop Main Unit to replace the valve.
  • Step 3 - Mount the PoolCop Power Supply Unit (with its Backup Battery).
  • Step 4 - Connect the pump's power supply, and other pool equipment.
  • Step 5 - Follow the programming guide to set up pool parameters.

PoolCop can control exisiting water treatment systems, however using the integrated pH regulation and disinfection bring the greatest benefits.

More information about PoolCop features and installation is available from our network of PoolCop installers.

Contact us to find the installer nearest to you.


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