Data Acquisition

No more messy and tricky-to-use test kits

PoolCop is informed about the pool condition by means of:

  • water temperature measurement
  • pump discharge pressure measurement
  • pH measurement
  • ORP measurement (optional)
  • water level measurement (optional)

PoolCop has the processing power to interpret this data, action controls and the automatic valve, to constantly adapt and get the best for your pool.


Your filtration is always efficient (80% of water quality can be attributed to the filtration) whilst consuming 30% less energy

OnFilterThere is a choice of one or two daily filtration cycles with duration controlled by filtration timers. When ECO mode is selected in the second filtration cycle PoolCop will automatically manage filtration time using calculations based on measured water temperature and pool hydraulic data.

The three primary filtration modes are MANUAL, VOLUME (based on turnover) and ECO (using the least energy and consumables).

Optional anti-freeze protection means that in the event of a freezing risk, the pump will be turned on to protect your equipment.

In the case of a low pressure reading (adjustable threshold) indicating a loss of prime, PoolCop will stop the pump; this security measure prevents any damage to equiment.

PoolCop is compatible with multi and variable speeds pumps (Pentair IntelliFlo VF, Pentair IntelliFlo VSD, Speck BADU Eco Touch-pro and Speck BADU Eco Flow).


Filter Cleaning

Never again "manually" clean your filter (unless you really really want to)...

A filter cleaning cycle is initiated when high pressure is measured (adjustable threshold). The cleaning cycle is a complete sequence of commands to perform a backwash (adjustable time) followed by a rinse cycle (adjustable time). To avoid media compression and tunnelling in the filter, PoolCop is also able to initiate cycles after a configurable number of days, even if the pressure is not high.

At the end of cleaning sequence, filtration is restarted if scheduled.

To reduce water loss in the event of filter blockage or incorrect threshold pressure settings, PoolCop limits the number of daily cleaning cycles to a maximum of three.


Water Refill

Your pool, always topped up to the right level and ready for swimming

With the Refill Kit (optional), PoolCop measures the water level at the end of each filtration cycle, and if necessary, activates water top up using the solenoid valve provided as part of the kit.

Refill cycles are limited in duration so as to minimize the loss of water in a pool which develops a leak. This maximum duration is adjustable.

No more concerns about loss of pump priming during long absences, and no more hassles for your neighbours!


pH Control

A critical and too often neglected pool task, handled for you automatically and painlessly

pH control is a fundamental pre-requisite for effective water disinfection and for bather comfort.

PoolCop has an integrated pH sensor. At the end of each filtration cycle, the pH is measured and PoolCop then determines the amount of product (pH- or pH+) to be injected into the pool at the start of the next cycle.



Healthy, crystal clear water, using 50% less chemicals

Disinfection has two objectives:

  • killing the organisms and algae which were not removed by the filter, and
  • creating a disinfecting environment.

PoolCop is able to control all of the main disinfection methods available in the market: liquid chlorine injection, salt chlorination, copper ionization, brominators (or chlorinators), active oxygen, UV.

In most cases, the addition of disinfectant in the water can be controlled using ORP measurement (optional).

Due to its systematic approach, PoolCop limits the use of chemical disinfectants to the minimum necessary.


Take your pool management to the next level

PoolCop has 2 additional inputs that allow to be informed of external events and which can be connected to:

  • Low level detection in consumables drum (pH or disinfectant)
  • Salt system fault detection
  • Poolcover closed switch (which automatically reduces the filtration time and pump speed)
  • Low temperature detection with an external thermostat (which activates the pump to protect the equipment and pool)



All your pool equipment, managed from a single place

Auxiliary outputs are available and can be used for lighting, heat pumps, the automatic pool cleaner's booster pump, water fountains, irrigation control....

Each of these channels has a daily cycle and can be slaved to filtration.

PoolCop has 6 auxiliary channels, PoolCop Junior has 1; the actual number of available channels depends on the configuration of PoolCop.



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