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PoolCop: a compact, simple and powerful automation that manages your pool

Designed around a reliable automatic valve, PoolCop is the first and only device that manages filtration as the first step to better water quality.

This logical and practical approach - which results in a sparkling pool with fewer chemicals, less energy consumption and far less effort - has been awarded the prize "Eco Attitude: innovation in pool maintenance equipment".



PoolCop: for your health!

PoolCop makes your water crystal clear. Clear water contains fewer nutrients for bacteria and algae to grow, so there is less requirement for noxious chemicals.

Use of chemicals and energy are minimised, which not only shows a greater respect for your environment but also demonstrates your concern for your own health and the health of your loved ones.



PoolCop: saves you money!

PoolCop reduces the use of consumables and the consumption of energy. The well-being of your wallet is ensured thanks to increased filtration efficiency and continuous optimization of the pump running time.

PoolCop delivers savings of up to 32% less energy and up to 50% less use of consumables.



PoolCop: at your service!

PoolCop optimizes filtration, controls water level, regulates water treatment and controls and optimizes all auxiliary equipment. You can relax while PoolCop does the work.

Water treatment (pH and disinfection) is fully automatic: no more need for test kits.

PoolCop's reliability removes the maintenance hassles for 100% pleasure.


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